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Brand Awareness & Target Audience Form

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"State what you do", "State how you do what you do", "State why you do what you do", "State your contributions to your target audience" and "State the impact it makes on them".

"State where your brand is now", "State where your brand will be in 5, 10 and 15 years", "State your aspirations for the brand growth", "State what impact you will have on your industry", and "Define your ideal future".

"How do you want to sound to others?" "Funny or Serious", "Casual or Professional", "Sassy or Respectful", and "Enthusiastic or Straightforward".
If your brand was a person who'd it be?

Is it imperative or descriptive or superlative, provocative or specific?

And what are the key attributes that drive their choice of supplier?
And are there any areas where suppliers are not meeting their needs?
And how does it impact them internally?
"What are the things they are looking to achieve in their role?"
And how can Olla Systems support them in this?
And are they likely to use any specific brands in particular?

Do they prefer calls, emails or in-person meetings?

Is it from industry events, online or their peers in similar industries?

Is there any other information that we need to know about that is not covered in this questionnaire and is beneficial to the campaign? Pray tell.