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What drives success and differentiates a business is its branding graphic design. Additionally, a fully branded business can create an experience, cultivates community, and amplifies customer demand.

Our full branding services include:

As one of the best branding companies in Nigeria, our branding packages are designed to provide you with the perfect foundation to meet your immediate design needs. Also, our branding services provide you with the right tools and resources to support your brand as your business continues to grow.

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Our Full Branding designs


We asked Damanager Design to create a new logo and help rebrand our company. We were delighted with the results. They listen and take note of what you want to achieve. They are creative and inventive and quickly produced many beautifully presented ideas whilst remaining within the specified boundaries. We were really impressed with their creativity and the professional way they work. We recommend them very highly.

Gift Momoh, Nigeria

Without a doubt, having DaManager Design create our company logo and stationery is one of the best things to happen to our startup company. They took the time to understand our vision, made some suggestions and came up with a logomark that we are proud of.

Paul Agbama, Nigeria

I’m not only impressed with the final result, but the process that Stuart took me through was equally impressive. Throughout this journey, their constant and consistent communication with me meant I knew exactly what was going on, why, and where we were headed

Afolabi Mary, Nigeria

Ideal answers to client enquiries

Why is branding important?

Branding is the process of creating a brand. Without a doubt, branding is very important, as it involves clearly positioning your company or product in your target market. Also, it entails devising a brand strategy, creating a brand name, defining your company’s tone of voice, and designing corporate and/or product identity.

Similarly, using water as an example, how do several companies around the world sell the same product and convince the market to purchase their water over their competitors? The simple answer: a great brand! For this reason, some brands market their features to encourage people to buy them.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Every project is unique and as one of the top branding companies in Nigeria, we always like to schedule an introductory call. Significantly, this call is to discuss in detail your unique design needs, and business goals, and see if we are the right team for you. Afterwards, we’ll create a custom project proposal and a unique quote particularly to suit you and your project. Meanwhile, you can check out our price list here.

What makes a successful brand?

A successful brand pays attention to its market, will come up with new ways to keep the interest of its target market and are not afraid to innovate.

For instance, Apple does this really well through their innovative technology products and fulfilling customers’ needs over time. Evidently, this can also be clearly seen in the evolution of their brand – the Apple came from their initial logo with Isaac Newton and an Apple above his head. It evolved into an apple with a bite (or byte as Steve Jobs would say), followed by the different variations of the apple relevant to that specific time.

How can I be sure I’ll like what you design?

As one of the Best Branding Companies in Nigeria, our project involves a lot of information gathering: notes and conversations with you, along with reviewing visual examples to get your feedback before anything is designed. We’ll discuss your business, history, goals, audience, competitors, brand personality, and more. This will set parameters and guide the design process. Since you’re involved in setting those parameters, you can be confident your brand identity will be something you love


Our full branding package

Logo Design

The logo is the cornerstone of your brand’s aesthetic and company association. You need to invest more in the quality of your logo design as this will set the tone for the rest of the branding to follow.

Visual Identity

Visual identity defines your brand’s color palette, typography, variations of your logo, and any photography that embodies your brand's personality.

Style Guide

A style guide, also known as brand guidelines or a branding standards document, establishes the visual direction of a brand’s website, ads, and any other marketing assets.

Presentation Templates

Presentation templates give you a default document to create presentations faster for events, investor calls, team meetings, new hire onboarding, or any other recurring needs.

Business Cards

Business cards are the final touch on a good first impression. Most people judge a company or person based on the quality of their business cards;

Advertising Graphics

As a great design company, we save you time as you don’t have to worry about whether key graphics are on-brand. For example, ad banners, email templates, social media graphics, and so on.
Website Design

Ebooks, guides, templates, and more to help you grow.

Business Branding

Ebooks, guides, templates, and more to help you grow.

Digital Marketing

Ebooks, guides, templates, and more to help you grow.