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At Genuine Education Consult, we have years of experience working with universities all over the world to help students like you find the right program.

We’ll give you all the information you’re going to need to find the right university and program to suit you and your budget. We’ll be on the journey with you, every step of the way.

Thanks to careful planning, we were able to create a custom beautiful, modern website that catered to Genuine Education Consult's every need.

The Problem

Genuine Education Consult needed a comprehensive and functional website that could serve as a complete portal for applicants seeking information as well as students wishing to enrol at their preferred universities. Additionally, to raise awareness among potential candidates about their offerings and uniqueness.

The Solution

Genuine Education Consult required a clean, simple website design that offered useful information in manageable sections without being overly crowded. In order to make the rest of the website easy to navigate, we kept the homepage appealing and simple.
The website became simpler for people to understand thanks to the addition of snippets, images, and SEO-friendly content. It also improved its exposure in search engine results.

In addition to the website design, our website design team collaborated with our SEO team to make sure the new features increased clicks, traffic, and, eventually, Genuine Education Consult’s online business and awareness.

The logo design was made on the combination mark which efficiently presented the icons and lettering of the brand name in a clear simple form. The chosen concept retained the colour scheme related to the type of services provided. The designer created a number of variations using the same colour scheme, typeface, mascot, and overall visual perception to create the unified and consistent corporate style that is displayed through various visual aspects on branded objects. Three key visual components—the mascot depicting the globe, a youth icon, and an open book, and the lettering displaying the company name—supported the consistency of performance for all of them.

Da-Manager provided a full scope of branding from the logo and look and feel of the brand, to business cards, letterhead, T-shirts, roll-up banners with pen and jotter.

All of these are used to enhance brand recognizability and awareness. 

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