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The Problem

When Glamorousbest first launched, there were several setbacks. Customers were not interested in their goods, and after a period, the majority could not even remember them. They observed that there were quite a few competitors and that they were selling every now and then, but branding was what set them apart from one another.

The Solution

The first task in Glamorousbest branding was on the visual design. We proposed concepts that were out of the box. The team presented two concepts. These concepts all included a sky blue colour palette and a pink colour palette.

The primary concept was one element; the letter G. The logo was completely unique from other brands. 

The company name was flanked in a modern, sans serif font. Da-Manager provided a full scope of branding from the logo and look and feel of the brand, to business cards, letterhead, roll-up banners and printing.

Since then, Glamorousbest has experienced good success. They have been able to appeal to people’s emotions through branding and made them feel connected to their company.

Thanks to careful planning, we were able to create a custom beautiful, modern website that catered to Glamorousbest every need.

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