ZITU Clothing is an apparel and clothing manufacturing company established in 2017. Formally known as “ZITU Custommade”, It was rebranded on March 1st, 2018. We operate from our business locations in Nigeria and the UK and are expertly led by Zitu Blessing, our creative director. we continually garner experience, knowledge, and extensive business know-how to consistently delight our customers with high-end clothing compelled by timeless and innovative designs.

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Services :

Website Design

Thanks to careful planning, we were able to create a custom beautiful, modern website that catered to Justintime's every need.

The Problem

The goal for ZITU Clothing was to expand its customer base and make its products available online, as well as to encourage user interaction and active sales.

The Solution

We designed a user-friendly, stylish website that works well on all devices. As more and more people shop on their desktop and mobile devices, it is important to ensure that eCommerce sites look organized and clean on both desktop and mobile devices, which is why we ensured that ZITU Clothing’s website achieved just that.

Large product photographs have been utilized to show prospective consumers exactly what they could buy, and an optimized description of each product means that these pages will be searchable. We picked images that we knew would appeal to the company’s target audience.  

The site contains an online store which caters for all aspects of the ordering process, and enables customers to create a bespoke order and have their item made especially to their selected requirements.  We incorporated a contact form so consumers can set up an appointment to see the business and discuss their needs if they want that extra personal touch.

This not only makes it easier for customers to get what they want, but it also serves as a great lead generation tool for ZITU Clothing should it want to get relevant information from individuals making the inquiries. This form, which is available on a “Contact us” page, can also be used to submit inquiries that are unrelated to booking an appointment.

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